Mersal (Original Background Score)

Mersal 2017 Tamil Movie Original Background Score BGM Background Music & Ringtones Free Download by A. R. Rahman

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Movie: Mersal (Original Background Score) – BGM & Ringtones
Cast & Crew: Vijay, Kajal Agarwal, Samantha, Nithya Menon
Music Composer: A. R. Rahman
Director: Atlee
Year Released: 2017

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Mersal BGM & Ringtones from Audio Songs – High Quality
Mersal Teaser BGM
Maacho BGM Music
Maacho Starting Music
Maacho Enacho Tone
Maacho Female Version
Mersal Arasan Starting Bit by Kids
Mersal Arasan Tone
Mersal Arasan BGM Music
Mersal Arasan Ending Music
Neethanae Neethane Tone
Neethanae BGM Music
Neethanae Male Version
Neethanae Yatche Yatche Tone
Aalaporaan Thamizhan Starting Bit
Aalaporaan Thamizhan Tone
Aalaporaan Thamizhan BGM Music
Aalaporaan Thamizhan Female Version
Aalaporaan Thamizhan Ending Bit
Aalaporaan Thamizhan Starting Flute Music
Aalaporaan Thamizhan Flute Music BGM
Normal Quality Theater Audio Rips – More HQ BGM will be Updated Soon
Mersal Titles Rolling BGM & Rap Song | V2
Airport Chasing Scene BGM
Police Arrested Vetri BGM
Vijay Flashback Entry BGM
Magician Killing Scene Background Music
Vijay Leaving Hospital BGM
School Girl Accident Scene BGM
SJ Surya Entry & Counter to Sathyaraj BGM
Hospital Fight BGM
Climax Fight Full BGM
Vetri Introduction BGM
Story of Vetri BGM
Maaran’s Introduction BGM
Maaran Rescuing a Women in Airport
Daniel SJ Sruya Villian Intro BGM
Magician Theme Music
Magic with Money BGM
Magic Fight with Rowdies BGM
Vetri Intro in Magic Show
Vetri Magic Show Revenge with Dialogue
Hey Thambi Scene BGM
Mersal Interval Fight BGM
Mersal Intermission BGM
Flashback Vetrimaaran Intro BGM
Vetrimaaran in Action Kusthi Fight Scene BGM
Flashback 80s Daniel Sj Surya Intro BGM
Vetri’s Birth Scene BGM
Climax Fight (Macho Cues)
Maaran in Action (Mersal Arasan Cues)
If You Want any Other Tone or BGM Please Comment below, We will Update Requested Tone.

Mersal (Original Background Score) BGM Download – Mersal Ringtones Background Music Free Download, Mersal Original Background Score from Mersal film written and directed by Atlee starring Vijay, Samantha, Kajal, Nithya Menon. AR Rahman composed the film’s music Soundtracks and background score BGM.¬†Mersal Tamil Movie Background Music BGMs Free Download.

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  1. Sushas C says

    Super collections, thanks for mersal ringtones

    1. Karthikeyan says

      Hmm yes, very nice collection

  2. Antonyraj says

    Please give as .zip files

    1. starmusiq says

      Will update full Zip after movie release, many to be added. We added Mersal Teaser BGm Check it

      1. Thiyagarajan says

        magician theme

  3. shakir says

    hey plz cn u updte the flute tone in aalaporan thamizhan song plz

  4. SHAKIR says

    Thank you 4 ur respone and plz add aalaporan thamizhan bgm’s flute tone plz

    1. starmusiq says

      Added the Starting Flute music bro.. if you want other please mention the time of the tone in the song we can upload it

      1. SHAKIR says

        Bro u had upload (aalaporan thamizhan bgm music’s) last 10 secs
        From 2:31 to 2:42

        1. starmusiq says

          Added Aalaporaan Thamizhan Flute Music BGM..

          1. SHAKIR says

            Thank you so so much

      2. SHAKIR says

        Plz add additional track (Maayon song)

  5. Guru says

    Marana waiting for mersal background music..
    Quick ah upload pannunga plzz

  6. SAKTHI N says

    Yatche yatche bgm need…

  7. Kannan says

    Mersal movie climax bgm pls update here….

  8. prassanth krsnah says

    i cannot download and i want mersal fight bgm

  9. Sivakumar NG says


    Thanks for added back ground music from mersal. Please add magician Vijay theme music & Villan theme music also.

  10. Anand says

    Please add magician Vijay theme music & Villan theme music

  11. Ajay says

    Sad bgm when he steps outside the hospital

  12. gowtham says

    nice bgm but i also want sj surya villan entry bgm

  13. rizvan says

    ice dead scene bgm

  14. rizvan says

    hospital violin bgm

  15. Parameswara says

    Please update the magician theme , thank you

  16. Ashiq says

    I want all bgms of mersal chasing fighting and alla.plzzzz

  17. subash says

    Please upload sad bgm

  18. Giriraj K says

    Post mersal sad bgms

  19. Somnath says

    I need mersal guitar bgm while killing a man in a magic box.that bgm i need

  20. Rohit says

    When vetrimaran comes out of hosipital searchinh for daniel after realising his wife died …. wen he crosses the hosipital gate there is bgm plz that one i want …..that sad bgm

  21. Vicky says

    Nitya menon hospital die bgm plz it comes with flute .

  22. Hariharan says

    Need Emotional bgm in high quality

  23. v.thilagaraj says

    Pls give magician theme…And mersal arasan and maacho theme

    1. ADITHYA M NAIR says

      Aalaporaan bgm thalapathy intro theme bro
      Please provide it

  24. agadesh says

    Enna sir Adblock varudhu

    1. starmusiq says

      yes bro, please disable your adblock on download page

  25. karthik says

    when atlee name present that bgm needed please

  26. Jenin Promiyo says

    Icy doll asanja

  27. Arhad says

    Plz update mersal all bgmz with clarity …

  28. ash says

    could you please upload the intermission fight scene bgm (vetri entry)

  29. vinith says


  30. logesh says

    Magician theme

    1. starmusiq says

      Already updated Magician Theme bro..please check it once

  31. Sathish says

    Vijay nithya menon love bgm

  32. Viji says

    Pls add love theme between Thalapathy and Ice..

  33. Ilakiyan Thillaraj says

    When will the original score release??

  34. Kalpana says

    Pls upload the bgm when Samantha interview Vijay… Tq

  35. Krupa says

    The BGm after macho song during conversation between Vetri and Pallavi.

  36. Emmanuvel says

    mersal VHQ bgm without background voice

  37. dhiviya says

    please add them bgm between nithya and vijay love moments

  38. Abhiram says

    The Mersal Arasan bgm when Maaran is giving a speech at the conference

  39. Jana says

    Tq for the collections…but i want the bgm of maaran’s entry in the humanitarian award ceremony and when he talk to the english mans in tamil…..plssss

  40. Shatis says

    Vetrimaran in romance bgm pls

  41. Irfaan says

    Gaint wheel scene in flash back of thalapathi Bgm

  42. Dinesh says

    Theatre fight intro bgm because that bgm will be more clear

  43. Vishnu teja says

    I want hospital opening bgm

  44. srinath says

    Vetrimaran village kovil fight bgm

  45. balaji sankaran says

    Nithya menon death scene bgm hq

  46. rajkumar says

    Vijay & nithiya menon romance bgm

  47. rajkumar says

    please add maran’s AV bgm its very pleasing to hear it..

  48. Sheik says

    Add the bgm when vetri consoles to anupallavi about the incident just after the intermission.(maacho bgm).

  49. sowndariya says

    Plz add that bgm from the scene where nithya menon asks vijay to buy mango for her.. And maacho instrumental which comes when kajal and vijay talks before the magic show.. Thanks in advance

  50. prian says

    hq ringtones of these rips

  51. Hari krishnan says

    Theatre fight in mersal

  52. Sanjeevan says

    Mersal flashback 80s Daniel sj surya intro full bgm I want

  53. Prabu says

    Ok good

  54. Swetha says

    Collection is good
    I need love background music which Nithya menon& Vijay scenes

  55. Sathish sandy says

    Mersal bgm collection immediately

  56. Martin says

    Maran rescuing Vetri in climax flute music?

  57. Ravi says

    Vetrimaaran and ice nithyamenon love bgm

  58. Jafar says

    Sir please update original.bgms zip files of mersal and vivegam

  59. vimalprasath says

    Please… flash back vijay Nithya Menon romence BGM ringtone

  60. Rio Vicky says

    Original background score when will be uploaded

  61. Shakti says

    Can u add the vijay TV show bgm????